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Firstly, I must apologize for my blogging hiatus, SAT subject tests will do that to you! I am writing from the JFK airport about to embark on my adventure to Europe…our first stop being Rome.


Shoes: Chanel; Leggings: J.Crew; T-Shirt: Polo; Blazer: Banana Republic; Bracelet: Cartier; Duffle: Louis Vuitton

When traveling, I like to look put together, but still practical and comfortable (hence the leggings and slip-on espadrilles), especially for a longer flight. Rome is currently close to 90 degrees, so my outfit can easily be converted when we arrive by removing the blazer and rolling up the leggings. And I always regard a scarf as a travel must, not only is it a way to accessorize and brighten up an outfit, but it can keep you warm or block unfavorable smells while in flight. My carry-on must haves include, yes my favorite blanket, an extra shirt in the event of a mishap, hand wipes, a laptop, Chanel glasses and sunglasses (sure to be pictured later), my iPhone (though it may only be a glorified iPod in Europe), and a Kind Bar or two.

My two suitcases are checked and full of fashionable outfits which I look forward to sharing throughout my trip!


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