The Good Eats of Roma

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While traveling in Rome, I had the pleasure of sampling some Roman cuisine. While some of the restaurants could be considered tourist traps or simply just what was convenient, it seemed hard to find a bad meal. Firstly, Imàgo in the Hotel Hassler was delicious! After an amusebouche consisting of a tempura fried quail egg, I chose the Pomo d’ORO risotto with provolone cheese and black cardamom. Not only was it golden in color, but it also had flakes of gold to top it off!IMG_0076

View from the panoramic restaurant

The next evening I dined in an authentic Roman restaurant called Ristorante Pietro Valentini. One of the proprietors, Simona was so welcoming and accommodating. Not to mention, the food was outstanding. Started in 1968, then passed down through the family, this is a gem that can certainly not be missed. Known for their use of truffles, Ristorante Pietro Valentini offered a true Roman experience with plenty of delicious food.

IMG_0123Welcoming Storefront


Charming Interior

IMG_0120Famous Truffles


My choice entree, gnocchi with bolognese

About an hour outside of Rome, we traveled to the coast where we dined at The Cesar Restaurant inside the beautiful La Posta Vecchia Hotel. The villa was built in the 17th century and was owned by the Orsini family, a very old family in the Roman region. It was sold in 1693 and suffered a demolishing fire in 1918. Following the fire, in the 1960s American J. Paul Getty purchased the property intending to make it his personal home. He and an art historian adorned the villa with unique and era-appropriate furnishings and artwork. The hotel also has a private museum which displays a 2nd century BC Roman villa that was discovered while the property was being restored. The villa was again sold in the 1980s to the Sciò family who used it as a private home until 1989, at which point in 1990 it was converted to a hotel.


La Posta Vecchia Hotel Exterior


Private Museum within the Hotel 

The restaurant was picturesque; I dined on the back terrace of the hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the castle where the original family is said to live, as the villa was once used as a guest house for the nearby castle. The amusebouche consisted of a seafood sauce with a fennel sponge and I chose home made tomato ravioli with a burrata cream for my entree. It was a truly delicious yet simplistic and elegant meal and I cannot wait to return to La Posta Vecchia!

  IMG_0141 Nearby Castle

IMG_0140  View of the Terrace Looking Towards the Castle


  Looking Opposite the Castle

IMG_0157     Hotel Logo

IMG_0147Skirt: J.Crew; Watch: Michelle; Bracelet: Cartier 
IMG_0139         View of the Sea from the Terrace           IMG_0153

   Beautiful Amuse-Bouche

IMG_0155Home Made Ravioli 


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