A Little Roman Sightseeing


What would a trip to Rome be without a little sightseeing? Up bright and early, I made like a tourist and toured the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel before the crowds. In addition, I was able to see and learn about the Pantheon as well as the Colosseum. Our tour guide, Salvatore, made many references to the movie Angels and Demons during our tour, so of course I had to later watch the movie, which was even more enjoyable being that I had been to many of the featured locations! Here are some photos from my travels.


The Pantheon, once dedicated to all gods, is now a shrine for the kings of Italy. It is also where remains of Vittorio Emanuele II, Umberto I, and Margherita di Savoia reside, in addition, the artist Raphael is also buried there.

IMG_0105      Outside the Colosseum    

 IMG_0094View of St. Peter’s Dome from a Vatican Museum Terrace


Pope Francis holding a Papal Audience in St. Peter’s Square


Inside the Colosseum, once an entertainment epicenter of Rome


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