Bari, Italy

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While on our trip, I had the pleasure of discovering Bari, Italy. It had a very city-like feel and was home to a university, so it was very much a college town as well. We first traveled to Grotte di Castellana, where we were able to see beautiful caves that were centuries old.

After visiting the caves, we explored Poligana a Mare, a beautiful seaside town with so many cute allies full of shops and sights to see. Often, the allies would lead you to a scenic overlook, like the ones pictured below.


Shoes: Converse; Pants: J.Crew; Top: J.Crew; Sunglasses: Chanel


An amazing little beach we stumbled upon. 

IMG_0346 copy

Quaint buildings and homes tucked around every corner. 

We stopped for some gelato, which our tour guide said was very good in the area. After some flavor perusing, we chose Gusto Caruso, which was absolutely amazing!


Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Has anyone been to Bari? Comment below!


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