What’s a SWOT?


Yes, a SWOT analysis. You may be wondering what exactly this is and how it pertains to you…

Well a SWOT analysis is used before starting a business, and before making an investment or even a purchase. It can also be used in a personal context to help you in furthering your career. This analysis is a tool to take a look at a business (or yourself) in depth and examine the internal and external factors.

S – Strengths

W – Weaknesses

O – Opportunities

T – Threats

A SWOT for your business (or blog!)

SWOT Analysis Example Template

Courtesy of Consultants Online

For your personal SWOT


Courtesy of Pinterest

Video from MindTools – definitely check out their site for more info!

SWOTs can be done for businesses small and large. A very popular example you will see is Comcast, like this one from Value Line. Another example is the widely-loved Starbucks, like the one shown below courtesy of SlideModel.com.


Ever done a SWOT? Need some help? Comment below!


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