When You’re At the Beach…

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When you’re at the beach, you really don’t need a clock, or even a calendar for that matter. You can tell it’s May, the beginning of summer,  when the shops start to open and the deli raises their prices. It’s July when the beach is busy and August when the shops role out the sales for the final weeks. Only the locals know the sign of an early morning when the sun comes up and the parking spots are empty or the late evening when the boardwalk is finally empty and quiet. It’s midday when cars line the streets even three blocks in and coolers are scattered along the boardwalk. September brings more beach weddings and cooler weather. If a hurricane is impending, houses board up and townspeople leave. Shops wind down and their owners gloomily face the reality that winter is around the corner. When winter finally shows itself, the snow-covered beach is stark and town is quiet. The deli goes back to it’s winter prices, and the bakery is seldom open. Bikes turn into cars and ice cream trucks turn into school busses. Everyone waits, waits for summer.

Photos taken one evening when there was a slight haze on the beach, no filter.  IMG_0621



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