A Look Back on Back-to-School Fashion

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’Tis yet again the season to look back on back-to-school fashion. The halls of schools were filled with styles galore, which did not disappoint.

It was almost as if we were transported back to the ’60s, as vintage styles made a comeback. To start with the basics, the A-line shape, once a thing of the past, was, and still is, the hottest item on the market. Dresses, skirts, you name it; if it is A-line, it is in! The suede we saw in 2014 also left its mark on 2015, especially in the form of A-line skirts and overall-style dresses. Mixed textiles were also very popular, as seen in geometric dresses, skirts, and even shoes. Similarly, high-waisted jeans in lighter washes made their return. Additionally, hems got higher, with “micro hemlines” dominating the fashion scene. If you are looking to continue the trend, you might be asking, “How do you make these school- appropriate?” Try pairing that dress or skirt with tights, or even better, a pair of suede over the knee boots to offset the daring hemline.

As temperatures start to drop, outerwear is growing in importance. New to the fashion world are bold and oversized coats. Think faux fur, neat colors, and patterns. These are inexpensive items that can easily update the wardrobe of a man or a woman and can modernize your coat rack. The ever-reliable trench is also a classic option, Burberry being the most popular. Capes, which hit the market last year, did not take off quite as expected. However, this year, they are back and here to stay. Though no one can beat the styles of the classic Hermès stoles, stores, like Brooks Brothers and Francesca’s, are offering similar styles at affordable prices and in trendy patterns, like plaid. The cape style has also appeared further in the clothing markets, with designers like BCBG Max Azria showing blazers and shirts embodying the cape look. If you’re looking to splurge this season, wrap up in a new cape!

But how exactly did students don these trends? Firstly, did someone say, Birkenstocks? It was hard to not spot at least five pairs of these comfortable shoes in the hallways between classes. Why? Recently, Birkenstock has partnered with stores, like J.Crew and Urban Outfitters, to create designs for a more modern clientele; this revamping has certainly been successful! Also, printed flowing dresses, which can be seen on the runways of designers such as Isabel Marant, became quite popular. Additionally, the “rocker” look was a sought-after style, with items like leather booties, jackets, and skirts becoming more common. Further, mini-bags like those of Marc Jacobs and Céline were also the bag of choice, holding just enough while still being fashionable.

This past season season was very new-trend heavy. Buy your staples from the J.Crews and Brooks Brothers of the world and your more trendy pieces from places like H&M and Forever 21, and even take a risk and shop at a vintage store this school year!

An edited version of my above piece was previously published in my school’s newspaper publication. Please contact me directly should you care for further detail. 


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