Canyon Ranch

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It was a pleasure to return to Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA. Being my third visit, I was fortunate to know the lay of the land and delve right in. This resort embodies what it means to lead a healthy life. Offering numerous exercise classes throughout the day, one can sample a variety of styles of classes. I had the opportunity to try cycling for the first time and absolutely loved it! In addition, they also offer a number of health-related services with a host of onsite medical professionals. Their spa is also fantastic, offering a service for everyone. Finally, the cuisine is delicious while still being healthy. Under every item on the menu are nutrition facts, so you know what you are eating. If you have an allergy or dietary restriction, they are also quite accommodating. I never left a meal feeling too full or not well, and eating is such a key part to one’s health to also support an active lifestyle. Canyon Ranch also has a location in Tucson, AZ and many other “SpaClubs.” If you have the opportunity to visit, I would highly recommend it. You can visit their website here.

Some of my tips:

  • Arrive early on the day you check-in so you can make the most of the day.
  • Be sure to pack sufficient exercise apparel and loungewear. You will see a lot of Lululemon, so I would suggest purchasing some of their items if you are able. Many dress quite casual for dinner as well in athletic attire and loungewear.
  • Visit the boutique…multiple times! They have so many neat things and each time you visit, you’ll find something new.
  • Check your choice Canyon Ranch location’s specials before calling to make a reservation. There are some fantastic offerings that you can take advantage of, but you need to know what to ask about before calling. They are also part of “The Leading Hotels of the World,” so if you are a member, there might be some perks!
  • Take advantage of the DVD library! I absolutely love coming to Lenox and checking out DVDs. There is a DVD player in your room and it is a pleasure to catch up on new releases or watch old classics.
  • Book your services early. A program advisors calls you prior to your stay to help you with this, but make sure you are proactive. Also, there is not a lot to do in the evenings, so I like to book my spa services after dinner.


IMG_1765The centerpiece of the resort, the beautiful Bellefontaine Mansion.


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