When You’re At the Beach…

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When you’re at the beach, you really don’t need a clock, or even a calendar for that matter.


What’s a SWOT?


Yes, a SWOT analysis. You may be wondering what exactly this is and how it pertains to you…

Well a SWOT analysis is used before starting a business, and before making an investment or even a purchase. It can also be used in a personal context to help you in furthering your career. This analysis is a tool to take a look at a business (or yourself) in depth and examine the internal and external factors.

S – Strengths

W – Weaknesses

O – Opportunities

T – Threats

Quotes from the Great Coco Chanel

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Some beautiful quotes from Coco Chanel, an amazing businesswoman and designer…

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The Premio Dardos Award

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Premio Dardos means “Prize Darts” in Spanish. The Award recognizes those who transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values through writing.

Thank you to Prynka@MyDiary for nominating me for this award.

Another Award – Thank you!

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Thank you so much to Stephy at Stephysweetbakes for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Her blog is full of delicious and enticing recipes and I recommend everyone checks it out!

Bari, Italy

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While on our trip, I had the pleasure of discovering Bari, Italy. It had a very city-like feel and was home to a university, so it was very much a college town as well. We first traveled to Grotte di Castellana, where we were able to see beautiful caves that were centuries old.

Did someone say designer goods and possibly at a discount?

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Yes! That is exactly what I said! I thought I’d share some of my go-to websites when I’m scouring the web for designer goods, especially when I don’t want to pay full price! So here are some of my favorites…

My First Award – Very Exciting!

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Firstly, thank you so much to The Xandra Chronicles for nominating me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Her blog is amazing and she covers so many relatable topics – everyone should check it out!

I can’t believe that my blog has taken off so quickly and I am so grateful to have so many loyal followers, I really appreaciate everyone’s support!

3 Ways to Make Your Summer Financially Meaningful


#1 Make a budget!


Summer is a time when you can spend, spend, spend and things begin to add up. So, making a budget can help you avoid an unwanted deficit at the end of the month. First make a spread sheet (excel, numbers, or just by hand), then input your monthly income. Next, input your usual expenses (rent, food, utilities, etc.) and tally them up. Subtract your essential expenses from your income and you should have about 50% of your income left over. I suggest allocating a specific percentage of your monthly income to savings. This percentage can vary month to month from 10%-20%, but it is extremely important to save for a rainy day because you never know what is around the corner. The remaining income can be inputted for your leisure expenses (concerts, eating out, travel, etc.) which increase during the summer months.

#2 Get a summer job!

Especially for students and those without a full-time career, summer is the perfect time to get a job because there are many seasonal positions that open up along the coast and even inland. If your job is only a Monday-Friday, 9-5 gig, summer can offer you the opportunity to make some extra cash on the weekends, when places are busiest. This extra income can help support those leisure expenses mentioned earlier and add to your savings. Check out places like Craigslist for job listings in your area or don’t be afraid to simply just write the employer a formal letter, attach your resume, and mail or email it to them. You’ll be surprised what some initiative can get you!

#3 Save when you can!


Summer can be a tempting time to overindulge and find yourself in trouble when September rolls around. So, instead of always getting dessert out, try making something sweet and cool, like my Summertime Granitas! Same goes for eating out, warm weather means that you can eat outside, so take advantage of that! Barbecue outside with family and friends or pack a lunch from home to have a picnic! Summertime styles can be enticing, but if you wait, there will often be a sidewalk sale in August or September to get those styles for much less. In addition, big box stores will often have sales before the fall styles debut so you can pick up designer goods for far less.

A Little Roman Sightseeing


What would a trip to Rome be without a little sightseeing? Up bright and early, I made like a tourist and toured the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel before the crowds. In addition, I was able to see and learn about the Pantheon as well as the Colosseum. Our tour guide, Salvatore, made many references to the movie Angels and Demons during our tour, so of course I had to later watch the movie, which was even more enjoyable being that I had been to many of the featured locations! Here are some photos from my travels.