#TBT Flea Market Style


Shoes: Sperry; Jeans: J.Crew; Shirt: J.McLaughlin; Bag and Scarf: Hermès; Panama Hat: Purchased in St. Barts 

Now and then on a Sunday morning when I’m looking for a good fashion find, or to be transported to another era, I head over to the Golden Nugget Flea Market. This little gem was started in 1967 and is named after James W. Marshall who resided in the town where the market is located and later found gold in California along the American River. Every week sellers from all walks of life come to hawk their varied goods. While I came across two Chanel suits and an Hermès scarf, I went home empty handed this past weekend. My previous fashion finds have included a Chanel scarf and a vintage fur stole.


Flea Market Finds

I decided to keep my outfit simple and classic for this week’s outing. With the weather fairly unpredictable, I stuck to a lighter shirt and my staple J.Crew jeans. Sunglasses or a hat are a must when patronizing an outdoor market even if it’s a tad overcast – it just makes your shopping experience that much better! Luckily for me, I take any and every opportunity to wear a hat! And remember that vintage Kelly Bag I was talking about in my earlier post? Well there she is! It is the perfect bag, simple and understated, to take shopping and even fit a purchase or two. What do you think of my flea market style?

Know an outdoor market I should shop? Email me at sojourninginstyle@gmail.com!


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